3 Essential Tips to Booking a Transportation Service for Your Wedding Day

Transportation problems are a common challenge for guests coming over to a wedding. Make it easier for friends and family to have a good time during your special day, then, simply by booking a wedding transportation service in Lexington KY. Wondering where to start? Read on for tips:

Book one ahead of time

It’s best to book about nine months ahead of your wedding day, especially if you’re saying your vows during the high season, says The Knot. Because vehicles are often in high demand at these times, an early booking could net you discounts. In some cases, it’s a guarantee that you won’t have to pay for more than you should since some of the prices might soar by the time April, May or June rolls in.

Explore other options

Learn to look beyond the wedding limo. A dressed-up bus can be an excellent option for transporting a big group of your guests from the church to the reception venue. By getting a wedding transportation service in Lexington KY that can provide options for many if not all of your guests, you can rest easy, knowing all your friends and family will arrive at the reception venue with ease. No need to worry that some of them will get lost or get stuck in traffic after taking a wrong turn somewhere. With professional drivers behind the wheel who know the area inside and out, getting your guests to the venue should be fast and easy.

Ask about extra charges

A lot of companies will charge you extra if you exceed the booking time. You might want to make room in your budget for that, just in case. That way, if you run over the full eight hours you booked, you’ll have enough to cover the cost and you won’t find yourself counting the hours and stressing yourself out.

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