Book a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour and See NYC from its Most Thrilling View

If you are looking to tour New York City, you are inevitably an individual up for adventure.  Just showing interest in the “city that never sleeps” hints at your thrill-seeking side. From its distinctive foods to many and varied attractions for both residents and tourists, as well as its media presence and historical significance, New York City has something to offer to every type of adventurer.  New York City’s very identity is that of opportunity, success, and adventure.  However, why experience your adventure through this city of heights simply from the ground?  Quench your thirst for excitement with a helicopter sightseeing tour of the city, and see NYC from its most thrilling view.

Why take a helicopter?
Helicopters allow you to see the city of New York from an entirely new viewpoint.  Sure, encountering the inner workings of building and monuments are great, but what about a front-row seat to the Statue of Liberty?  You could visit the island and look up at it from our limited human range of view, or you can take the ferry past it to see it from a distance, but how could you turn down the views of Lady Liberty that low altitude flight offers?  This is not to mention the beautiful views that you could experience at the top of the Empire State Building, aerial views of the beautiful Central Park, the many famous bridges, Hudson River, and the lights and skyline as a whole.

Are they safe?
Helicopters have come a long way since the early 1990s.  Helicopters are now luxurious modes of travel with smooth but thrilling flights.  Helicopters use state-of-the-art technology to make you comfortable during your sightseeing ride. While there may be a bit of turbulence (it is the New York sky, after all), quality helicopters and pilots will make sure you feel only the littlest of bumps that are enough to be both thrilling and relaxing.  Because helicopters are equal parts reliable, comfortable, thrilling, educational, and full of spectacular views from their large windows, they are one of the best modes of the New York City sightseeing tour.

The professionals of Skyline Sightseeing offer tours of The Big Apple via helicopter, double decker bus, and many exciting package deals.

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