Families Find Many Uses for a Self Storage Unit in Tarpon Springs, FL

Many smaller homes don’t have a lot of storage space. Families often rely on the garage to store some of their belongings, but eventually they realize keeping their car in the garage has advantages. During cold winter weather, it is convenient to enter the car from the warmth of a dry garage. Basements can be damp and this can cause some items such as clothing to become infested with mildew. In a slow economy, it’s hard for home-owners to get the money to add on to their home. Instead many families have opted to rent a self storage unit in Tarpon Springs, FL.

For a small monthly fee the family can immediately increase their storage space. They can rent a small 5-foot square unit that’s about the size of a large closet. Bigger units may look like a small room and measure 15 feet by 30 feet. Monthly fees range from about $45 to $200. This depends upon the size of the unit. Some facilities charge more for climate-controlled units. Prices may also depend upon whether the unit is an interior hall unit or exits on to the parking area.

Before a family rents a self storage unit in Tarpon Springs, FL, they should think about how they will use. In some cases seasonal clothing takes up a lot of room in the closets. If a family stores it’s winter clothing in a unit during the summer, this will free up space. Other families love to decorate for the holidays. July means lots of patriotic buntings, while Halloween brings a large inflatable haunted house. Christmas decorations seem to get bigger every year for some families. Collectors can find that their collectibles are starting to cover every surface in their home.

Shelving units and clothes racks can allow every type of item to be easily retrieved from a unit. Some collectors treat their storage lockers like a display space. Instead of packing them up, they put figurines on shelves. That way when they visit they can enjoy their collection. If they want to show an item to a potential buyer, they can bring them to an attractive and well organized space.

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