Finding the Best Ferry Possible

If you’re looking for BC ferries Vancouver Victoria, then you’ll want a rubric for finding the best ferry in the area as possible. Here are some ways to help you choose the best option for you.

Community Feel

One thing that makes BC ferries Vancouver Victoria the most fun, is having a strong community for the ferry or cruise. This is because you’ll be experiencing the trip together, and this is something that can form bonds and be a lot of fun. It helps to find a company that helps facilitate this kind of experience while you’re going through your search.


Half the fun of a cruise or ferry ride in the first place is that it’s going to give you more comfort and more experiences then you’d have otherwise. So, you’ll want to find a place where they have amenities like leather seats with power outlets nearby. It helps if there’s food and table service available that’s personalized to your needs. Some places even have alcohol available for purchase right from the boat as well. You’ll also want free Wi-Fi at a minimum as well, if this is at all possible.

Ease of Travel

Another big thing to look for in a ferry is that the access point for getting on is somewhere convenient. This can make your trip a lot more pleasant if it’s located in a downtown location or somewhere that’s easily accessible. Plus, it helps if the station has an easy walk to the actual dock and onboarding part of the location.

Other possible things to look for include the actual sites you’ll see, such as islands, local wildlife, or anything else that might make the trip well worth it. The amount of privacy you’re granted can also make a big difference in how pleasant everything is for you.

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