Fully Prepare Your Fine Art for International Shipping

It can be a challenge preparing fine art for shipping. That challenge doubles when you have to prepare it for international shipping to countries like Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Every country has different rules and regulations for customs. Various nuances come into play when it comes to global shipping in which you need to be aware so your fine art will be handled with the greatest of care. There are also certain things you can do that will aid in ensuring your art is protected while using a professional international art shipping service. With just a little planning and preparing, your art moving experience can be made better.

Understand All of the Aspects of International Shipping

Fine art international shipping requires understanding aspects such as insurance, packing, shipping methods, shipping costs and more. The experts at Art Pack have the experience needed to ship fine art internationally. They have fully met the challenges for this type of shipping and truly know how to care for your valuable items. There are a few things you can do when it comes to packing including making a checklist of things that need to be accomplished and ensure your fine art is not damaged during shipping. Before shipping anywhere, you should inspect and note artwork for any damages, scratches, wear and tear as well as blemishes. Clean fine art carefully before preparing to be packed and shipped, and pack using custom wooden crates that will keep your precious cargo safe.

Don’t Put Your Art at Risk

When it comes to international shipping, you do not want to put your art at risk. The professionals understand what it takes to safely ship your fine art overseas. They will evaluate your art, your shipping needs and any other aspects to ensure your art is protecting throughout the entire shipping process.

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