Hiring Moving Companies For Seattle, Washington Homes

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Moving and Relocating

Seattle is a wonderful part of Washington, full of beautiful older homes, new custom homes and some of the larger homes within the city. Moving companies offering services to this community need to have the ability to move large residences in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

Some of the small local moving companies in Seattle Washington may not have the trucks, the equipment and the professionally trained staff to move these larger homes. Additionally, since the contents of these homes may be valuable, having the knowledge and training to be able to carefully pack, wrap and move antiques, artwork and other forms of collectables and valuable items is definitely a must.

If you live in one of these types of homes in Seattle, or throughout Washington, there are a few questions you need to ask of moving companies before deciding which company is best to handle your move.


While it may seem in this day of online feedback and comments, there is still real value in making contact with references provided by the moving companies. Ask for references of people with similar home sizes or specialized items so you get a good understanding of the type of service the past clients have experienced.

It is still a good idea to read online reviews and to do your homework on the company. This information is readily available online, including information about memberships in professional associations and organizations.

Recommendations for Specific Items

During the no-cost, no obligation in-home survey, talk to the representatives of moving companies about your concerns for specific items in your home. Perhaps it is an antique furniture item or a particular painting or piece of art that is valuable. It is may also be items that have very high sentimental value, regardless of their actual price.

Asking each representative about how those items would be protected during the move gives insight into the care the company will take with your possessions.

Training of Movers

There are many moving companies who run only a skeleton crew of full-time and trained employees. These tend to be the drivers and perhaps the lead mover, and everyone else will be hired from a day labor pool or simply used from time to time.

For your Seattle Washington move, you will want to ensure you use only moving companies with background checked, trained and experienced employees for the safety and protection of your cargo. One of them is Jordan River Moving & Storage.

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