How to Survive With Toddlers in St Pete Beachfront Hotels

Traveling with toddlers can be a very enjoyable experience. These little bundles of joy add extra pleasure to vacations. However, there are essential tips that need to be implemented by all those planning to stay at St Pete beachfront hotels with toddlers. For that unforgettable family vacation with fewer frustrations, this is what needs to be done:

1. Always Lock the Doors- Toddlers have the natural tendency of wandering off. Some can easily open unlocked doors and disappear into the hallways. This can be quite dangerous for the child because of the numerous potential risks like falling off stairways for instance. To avoid such a situation from occurring, it’s advisable to ensure that all doors in the room are locked. Another option for ensuring safety is installing an alarm on the door that alerts you every time the door is opened.

2. Clear Potential Hazards- The room where you’ll be staying must be safe for the every one, the toddlers included. Check all corners of the room for blind cords, sharp objects, curling irons and any other miscellaneous hazards. Any one of the St Pete beachfront hotels that you’ll be staying in should have the proper water temperature for taking baths as well. Test it just to be sure before bathing toddlers.

3. Buy Plastic Cups- Be advised that most hotels do not have plastic cups. They usually have glass cups which are unsuitable for toddlers because they can easily drop and break them. Apart from this, plastic cups can also be used during bath time. Toddlers will enjoy playing with the cups and, therefore, look forward to taking baths.

4. Pack Toys- Kids toys do not consume much space. Pack several toys that the toddlers can play with when inside the hotel room to avoid boredom. Small balloon parts should be cleared because they can easily choke children. For the parents, books can keep them busy when the toddlers are napping.

5. Carry a Nightlight- Many toddlers are scared of the dark. When the hotel lights have been switched off, they tend to get scared quite easily. To offer re-assurance, carry a nightlight and keep it on while they’re asleep.

In conclusion, toddlers need not cause frustrations when you’re traveling with them to St Pete beachfront hotels. Just implement these safety tips to avoid all unnecessary hassles. Family vacations ought to be enjoyable and full of good memories. Keenness will definitely help so a watchful eye over the toddlers as they’re playing is vital.

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