Moving And Packing Tips For Short Distance Bonita Springs Moves

Those moving might think short distance moving in Bonita Springs, FL, isn’t as serious as moving to another state or across the country. The truth is that your belongings must be packed properly to avoid damages. These tips will help.

Packing Materials

Save money by using blankets, comforters, towels, and winter coats as cushioning in boxes holding dishes, glassware, and electronics. Use socks to hold glasses and crystal figurines. Pack a box half to three-quarters full, and then place a blanket or winter coat on top for cushioning. Use the children’s stuffed animals and pillows as packing materials, too.

Tape the bottom of the box across the middle, but then tape down each side as well. That prevents heavy things coming out the bottom of the box. Tape the top of the box the same way.

Get your boxes from liquor stores, grocery stores, and restaurants rather than from short distance moving in Bonita Springs, FL. Their heavy boxes contain fresh fruits and vegetables like green peppers and apples. Liquor stores have heavier boxes for the obvious reason, some of which are partitioned. These are good for packing small appliances like toasters and waffle irons if you didn’t keep the origianal boxes.

Packing Tips

Pack books with books. You shouldn’t pack books on top of dishes, for example. Pack electronics with electronics, because their delicate ports can be damaged by heavy things. Winter boots, skates, and other heavy shoes should go in the luggage so they won’t damage things in boxes. Visit Website Domain for more information!

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