Need to get between airports in NYC?

New York is a gateway city for hundreds of flights, not only for domestic destinations but also many destinations in Europe. People fly into New York, transfer to another aircraft and continue their journey. If your home is in Florida and your destination is Hong Kong for example it is normal to fly into Newark airport, transfer to JFK; fly to LAX and on to Hong Kong. This all sounds great but in truth it is not that easy.

New York has three airports of magnitude; John F. Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia and Newark in New Jersey. These airports are situated all within 15 miles of Lower Manhattan and about the same distance from one another. This all sounds like it will work and it will if you have all the time in the world to make the transfer from Newark to JFK, but you had better have lots of time because ground transportation can literally crawl all the way between the two airports. If your connection time is relatively short then helicopter airport transfer in New York is something that should be considered. You can comfortably turn a two hour trip into a ten minute trip when you fly rather than drive.

Sure; the cost is higher than a shuttle bus, taxi or limo but if you are the type of person who equates time to money then the extra cost is actually negligible. Taking a bus means making changes and the shuttle runs bankers hours; it doesn’t even start until 7 am. Another solution is to use train, bus and subway but if you are burdened with luggage this is not a good option.

The amount of time that transferring between the various airports is the downside of travelling through New York, if you are lucky your flight will arrive at and depart from the same airport but in many cases, a transfer is necessary.

Taking a helicopter between airports or into Manhattan eliminates all the misery associated with driving. Road construction is always an issue and the slightest little accident, especially on one of the bridges can hold you up for a very long time, in many cases, long enough for you to miss your connecting flight. Visit us online for more details Website

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