Should You Hire Movers in Tulsa or Just Toss The Junk Away?

Maybe the house has become too crowded with the small toddlers now teens, or perhaps it’s just the opposite. Perhaps the house is too big now that teens have gone off to college. Whatever the case, moving to a new home can be the start of a new life. It’s a chance to throw out all the things you no longer need and prioritize what you do have. After all, who wants to pay Movers in Tulsa to tote their ancient toys no one plays with anymore? Instead, families can sort through everyone’s items, tossing out the year’s worth of the “Tulsa World” that’s built up but carefully preserving the collection of “Mad” magazines (because they might be worth something one day). So, what is worthy of saving and moving vs, what should be tossed, and yet another option, stored away?


It’s worth it to hire Movers in Tulsa to take certain items for you to the new home. For example, a piano, your grandmother’s china, or the sofa are well worth the money you’d spend on movers. In fact, anything you want to move that’s heavy or fragile is suggested to be moved by professionals. They’re trained to move big items without damage to the item or themselves. So, let them do it. You can concentrate on other things.


Go through the kids’ toy boxes and be ruthless. If they haven’t played with it in the last 3 months, toss it. Any toy that came by way of a fast food restaurant toss it. Do you really need to keep that prom dress from 1985? It would probably be better served by a local theater group. Go through your shoes (and the kids’) and toss those that have lost their shape, don’t fit right or no longer go with anything you own.


Remember that Mad Magazine collection mentioned above? That’s a great example of an item you might want to put in a storage unit. When space is limited at the new house, store the huge Christmas decoration collection as well. Rarely used tools and gardening supplies could also be placed here, opening up more space in the garage.

Take this moving opportunity to pare down and simplify your life. If you haven’t used it, toss it, but if you love it, hire movers to transport it for you. Contact us today for more information.

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