What to Expect from Snow Goose Hunting in Arkansas

Snow Goose hunting has become a very popular sport among hunters. The excitement and thrill of hunting these gorgeous birds is often enough to make the hunter’s heart race. In fact, this sport has become so popular that many hunts are organized every year. The hunt organizers will usually have all of the details of the hunt planned out, so all the hunter has to do is show up and enjoy themselves. But what can you expect from a Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas trip?

During a scheduled, organized hunt a Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas guide will usually meet you on the first morning of the hunt at a prearranged location and travel with you to the hunting area. From there the goose blinds, decoys, goose calls and any motion detection devices will be set up. This can sometimes take a good amount of time, as there are often a very large number of decoys to set up. The hunters will spend their time in the blinds waiting for the geese to fly until breaking for lunch. After lunch there is often another identical hunting session. At the end of the day everything is packed up if the hunt is over, or if the next day’s hunt will take place at another location. Otherwise, the guide will instruct the hunters how to clean the geese properly, making sure that one wing remains attached for transport as required by law.

For Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas offers one of the best experiences around. But to truly enjoy yourself there are a few things that you should take along with you on your hunt. First, and most obvious, are guns. For snow goose hunting 12 gauge shotguns with BB ammo are suggested. While a 10 gauge shotgun can be used, the kickback on this firearm tends to be a little tough on the shoulder if you use it much. Since the Arkansas weather during Snow Goose hunting season is unpredictable, you will want to make sure and bring both cooler weather clothes and warm, waterproof clothing.

A camera should also be added to your hunting gear. There is nothing like having a photo of a large pile of Snow Geese to show off at the end of your hunt. Most importantly, though, bring along a sense of humor. Nothing makes a long hunt more fun than sitting around telling jokes and laughing.

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