What You Can Expect from Couriers That Offer Overseas Parcel Shipping

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Transportation

Overseas parcel shipping can be much different than sending parcels to another city within the same state or area. While almost any international shipping company can handle overseas parcel needs, a courier can typically offer better services than you would find with the postal service or some other shipping company. It is important to understand that no matter which option you select, you will pay more to ship the item, as it must go through customs, will have import fees and more. However, couriers typically include all those fees upfront into the shipping charge.


Signature rules vary from country to country, but all couriers require a signature as an added measure of security. This means that when you ship an item, it will go to its intended recipient. That recipient must be home at the time of delivery or must have a suitable person over 18 years of age to sign for the item. This process tells you and the courier that the item has indeed been delivered because the signature says so.


Packing the items for shipping can be difficult, especially when shipping a parcel overseas. In most cases, the courier will provide you with free packing as they will need to inspect the item for dangerous goods and ensure the right customs paperwork is signed.

In most cases, it is unwise to wrap presents to send to others because the items will likely be opened, and the wrapping paper will be ruined. Instead, use a plain box with the proper addresses so that everything runs smoothly, and your parcel arrives on time.

Specific Items

Overseas parcel shipping works well for items considered to be hazardous or dangerous. It is always helpful to check out the website of the courier before sending anything so that you ensure the items you are sending do not require specific rules and regulations. Otherwise, the package could be held up and be late for delivery.


Safety is the main concern of any package. You, the recipient and the courier all want your items to arrive safely. However, there are times where items can get lost or damaged during the process, so make sure the courier you select offers insurance for costly items.

It is important to note that most handmade or homemade items will not be covered through insurance, though you may be reimbursed for the shipping costs if the items are damaged, lost or spoiled.

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