Why Crating in Austin is a Good Idea when Moving

Moving to a new location for home or business can be a stressful time. Making sure the items are packed properly and securely is one of the many items that an individual should not have to worry about. Crating in Austin will ensure that the individual’s belongings arrive at their new location in a safe and secure manner.

Benefits of Crates

Wooden crates can be custom built by a carpenter to match the exact dimensions of the individual’s belonging. This makes it easy for those who would like to move a large object such as a piano, without having to find space on the moving truck.

Wooden crates are environmentally friendly. While cardboard and plastic boxes are great for moving, they aren’t always the best for the environment as they contaminate soil and water in landfills. Wooden crates easily be broken down into pieces for wooden projects or fuel for a fire. The may also be reused for multiple moves.

Crating Options

There are many types of crates used when crating in Austin. Listed below are four of the main styles of crate options.

• Open Crates: Open crates are made from wooden planks that have spacing in between each slot. The spaces allow for ventilation to enter into the box to avoid any damage to the materials inside.

• Frame Crates: Frame crates are just as the name suggests. This style of the crate is made from pieces of wood that are attached to form a frame type structure but do not have spacing like the open crates do. This allows for full visibility of the items.

• Stitched and Wire Bound Crates: Wooden planks and wire-similar to chicken wire, are assembled to form a box in a stitched type of pattern. This type of crate is generally weaker and is typically only used when traveling one way.

• Closed Crates: These crates are ideal for moving belongings that need to be contained within a specific area. This will prevent the crate from toppling over and spilling goods inside onto other crates or damaging surrounding objects.

The process of moving with large, wooden crates is a simple process, especially if using a professional company like Crate Master. With reputable movers on site, moving to your new location is a stress-free process. Contact them for a high-quality crate packing and moving service.

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