Why Use Traverse City Airport Transportation?

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Travel

Whether you are leaving Traverse City from its Cherry Capital Airport, returning to it or arriving as a visitor for business or pleasure, there is one thing that this airport has with nearly all others anywhere in the world. This being that it is the nature of today’s airports to be located outside the center of the city which they serve. By world standards, the Cherry Capital Airport is a breeze since many points within Traverse City fall within a five mile radius of the airport. Nevertheless, who wants to walk even that distance carrying luggage – even if it is only carry on?

Choices Of Transportation

At present, outgoing passengers can choose between driving their own car and parking at the airport or taking a standard taxi or hiring a chauffeur driven airport transfer limo. Incoming have the additional choice of hiring a rental car from any of the five national rental companies operating out of the airport.

There is also the Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) – the north end of Traverse City sits on the edge of the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan. According to the airport website, BATA can take you to and from the airport by bus. However, the details are somewhat sketchy and the service might not suit many airline passengers.

Rental Cars, Taxis & Chauffeur Driven Limos

If you plan to visit different places in and around the City, a rental could well be your Traverse City Airport Transportation of choice but, if you are coming in for something specific like the annual July Cherry Festival or the Traverse City Beer Week you will probably be staying in a hotel and neither wish for nor need to have a hire car at your disposal. Taxis at airports can be frustrating whereas a pre-booked transfer limo waiting outside with a driver who knows your name, ETA and destination can give a weary traveler added peace of mind.

For outgoing City residents who cannot afford to be late at the airport and miss their plane, the peace of mind factor from the limo is often the reason for choosing this method of Traverse City Airport Transportation. Not all of us have someone at home who can drive us over to the airport and bring the car back again and airport car packing only adds to the cost of your trip.

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