5 Ways to Get Around St. Augustine Without a Car

St. Augustine has earned a unique spot in American history as the nation’s oldest continuously occupied European settlement. Founded by the Spanish in 1565, this unique and historic city only covers 12 square miles, but it feels a heck of a lot bigger due to the wide variety of restaurants, boutiques and other cool attractions that can be found in its beautiful and lively historic district. Once you arrive, you’re probably going to want to venture out to really discover what St. Augustine has to offer. From beautiful beaches to historical sites to Ghostly Tours to Alligator Farms – St. Augustine has much to offer and explore. In that case, you’re going to need to know how to get around, especially if you don’t have access to a set of wheels during your stay.

Below are various forms of transportation available in St. Augustine to help you get around.


Perhaps one of the coolest and most classic ways to get around St. Augustine is by taking a Trolley Tour. These hop-on, hop-off touring vehicles take you around all of the major attractions of St. Augustine including the Fountain of Youth (SEE VIDEO), Castillo de San Marcos, the Lightner Museum, the Old Jail, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Most trolleys operate on a daily schedule that mirrors regular business hours (8:30 am to 5:00 pm), and the routes are typically about 7 miles in total length. If you want to hop off for a while and check out one particular spot, no problem; another trolley will come around in about 20 minutes. If you’re a fan of cruising the cobblestone streets on an airy and epic ride, no doubt the trolleys will give you the sightseeing fix you’re looking for.


If you’re looking to visit a certain location that the trolley routes either don’t go to or can’t accommodate in a timely manner, you can always just take any taxi around St. Augustine. But, we wouldn’t recommend just any Taxi. Hands down, the cleanest and most economical Taxis in St. Augustine are available through Business Name. With eye-catching bright orange vehicles with professional drivers – arrive with A-Peal (as they say). Business Name is family owned and locally operated service with knowledgeable and trained drivers who can get you where you want to go safely and with minimal stress or hassle – and with a smile. Whether you’re seeking a Taxi, Van, Shuttle (including to and from JAX Airport), or need to arrive with class – Business Name can even provide a Black Car for your traveling needs. And best of all – Business Name is usually cheaper than Uber (when compared to comparable services) and touts consistent pricing!


For many St. Augustine travelers, Trains are synonymous with trolleys, but there is actually one particular sightseeing train service that seems to mimic the Trolley action, and that’s Ripley’s Red Train Tours. With over 20 different stops, you can hop off and enjoy various historical sites, restaurants and shopping destinations, and then re-board when you’re ready to move on to the next location.


Since St. Augustine scenery is so beautiful you can go the eco-friendly way by tooling around the city on a rented bike while feeling the warmth of the sun and the smells of the ocean! With some wheels from St. Augustine Bike Rentals, you can cruise all over town and enjoy the fresh air, all while getting some great exercise!


If love is in the air (or you just simply love horses), you really can’t go wrong with choosing a horse carriage ride through St. Augustine. Services such as Country Carriages or St. Augustine Horse & Carriage are excellent choices for enjoying a leisurely ride through the streets of the nation’s oldest city via horse drawn carriage. The staff is trained to know the Historical District of downtown St. Augustine like the back of their hands. From Ponce De Leon to the Fountain of Youth to Ghost stories galore – your travel guide will provide you with lessons on St. Augustine’s rich history while traveling through cobblestone streets and in and out of the beautiful alleys which are comprised of beautiful homes and bed & breakfasts, retail establishments, restaurants, and more!

There are plenty of ways to get around St. Augustine without ever having to touch a steering wheel. Keep the above list in mind on your next trip to this beautiful and historically rich city.

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