Limos and Premium Transportation in New York

Renting a limousine is a veritable option for anyone who is getting married, going to prom, or simply wanting to ride to an occasion in style. Instead of a person driving themselves and becoming stressed out in traffic, they can enjoy the ride in an air conditioned vehicle while relaxing with their friends. There are ways the average person can ride get luxury limo services from premier companies in New York and all across the country. Consumers can learn about pricing information, tips and policies to help them find the most exclusive and valuable limousine rental company.

When renting a limousine, there are several types of vehicles for customers to choose from. There are luxury sedans, such as Lincoln Town Cars, stretch sedans, luxury SUVs, stretch SUVs, and luxury vintage vehicles. Stretch sedans and SUVs can seat from 6 to 18 passengers to accommodate larger parties. However, the bigger the vehicle, the more limited the availability, leading to higher rental fees.

Most limousines cost between $50 to $300 per hour with a required 2 hour commitment. Premium Transportation in New York will be on the higher end of the price spectrum. Generally speaking, the customer gets what they pay for and the higher ticketed vehicles include more legroom, luxury, and additional features. Limousine companies can run through the features to let the customer know just what’s offered in each vehicle package.

When deciding to hire a limousine service for airport travel, the pricing is really related to the type of vehicle the person decides on. Travelling in a luxury sedan is usually not much more than ordering a taxi, and offers higher levels of service and comfort. Limousine airport rental can be split between a party of individuals to make it cost efficient, dropping prices to as little as $10 a person. Transportation fees usually begin at $20 for a sedan vehicles, increasing in price to an average of $50 for stretch limos and Premium Transportation in New York. The size of the vehicle, party, distance, and location are all factors included in pricing. A limo’s rental time usually begins at the time of pick-up and continues through the rental bracket, including hours where the party is outside of the vehicle. Premium drivers, like all drivers will expect to be tipped fairly: at least 20% to thank them for their service.

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