Looking for a Change of Scene and Scenery

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Moving

A lot of people are moving. According to the New York Post, one million people have left NYC since 2010, and there are increasing amounts of long distance movers going to places like the northwest US and Texas. Things are shaking up for everybody, and there is a whole country waiting to be discovered. Why not look into some places across the country that might benefit you? Here we will go into a list of pros and cons of some of the various cities in the US that are clamoring for attention.

  • Portland, the City of Roses

Portland is a meticulously planned city. The life, care, and love of the people who live and work here shine through everywhere. Grist.org is one of many sites that laud it as a place with great natural, green living. Not only that, but it has a rich culture and art scene. For example, the New York Times has referred to Portland as the “Capital of Karaoke.”

  • Orlando, the City Beautiful

Orlando, known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” has a great job market and consistent temperatures throughout the year. In an article written by Orlando Economic Partnership, it shows that the Orlando MSA had the highest job growth in 2017. Because of this, and of course Walt Disney World, Orlando is a dream come true for many people.does it have several

  • Las Vegas, the City of Lights

Las Vegas is truly a city of opportunity. With a low price of living and a beautiful, sprawling cityscape, Las Vegas has something for everybody. Not only does it have several of its tourist attractions, but it also caters to those who desire a more tranquil, humble life. With beautiful desert scenery and hot springs, Las Vegas can easily bring out the relaxation in anyone.

Maybe now we know where those long distance movers from NYC are headed. All of these cities have seen plenty of population growth in the past decade. If you plan on tossing your hat into this rink and finding a new place to stay, you could easily do worse!

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