Necessary Equipment for Your Kilimanjaro Tour

If you are planning on investing in Kilimanjaro Tours, it is essential that you have the proper gear. While a novice will likely need to spend a good amount of money, the fact is that this is completely necessary to be comfortable and have everything you need while trekking up the mountain. After all, if you are not properly prepared, you will end up being wet, cold and extremely miserable, and may not even be able to make it to the top.

Necessary Camping Equipment

There is certain camping equipment that is a must-have:

* Tent: Any quality Kilimanjaro tour provider will supply you with the tent. The tent that you have needs to be able to stand up to the elements, so if you do take one of your own, then you should be sure that it is meant for these types of conditions.

* Sleeping Mat: A quality thermal one is the best option.

* Sleeping Bag: You need one that is rated for four seasons. A great option is a down sleeping bag.

* Liner for the Sleeping Bag: This will help with the colder temperatures.

Necessary Footwear

When trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro, the most essential piece of equipment that you can have is a quality pair of goretex trekking boots. There are some who will recommend leather; however, this is heavier and can make a difference in the amount of energy you expend on the trip upward. You need boots that are breathable and waterproof and that are worn in.

You also need to take along thicker thermal socks, at least two pairs. It is important that you always wear socks that are dry to keep your feet in great condition.

Outer Clothing Layers

It is important that you have proper rain protection. Once you get your gear wet, you won’t be able to get it dry while on the mountain. Be sure that the outermost layer you wear is breathable and of high quality, and big enough to go over the thicker clothes that you will be wearing at night.

Clothing for the Cold

There are two purposes for thermal under layers. These will help to insulate you against the cold and they will help to reduce the moisture that is against your body.

Having the proper gear is essential for your Mount Kilimanjaro trek. When you have all the items here, you will be prepare for whatever the elements throw your way.

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