Uses for a Clear Plastic Tarp and Where to Purchase One

There are many uses for a Clear Plastic Tarp. Generally tarps come in two basic materials: polyester mesh canvas-type material or polyethylene plastic. Made from heavy duty material, clear plastic tarps normally have metal grommets used to secure the tarp to what it is intended to cover. The clear tarp offers protection from the elements yet still allows in sunlight. When purchasing clear plastic tarps it is important to choose one that is made from heavy duty materials, that offers UV protection, is hemmed or has reinforced edging. If you choose a clear plastic tarp made of polyethylene it is naturally mold and mildew resistant as well.

One of the biggest uses for clear plastic tarps is in the agricultural and landscaping fields. Gardeners and landscapers use clear tarps to cover plants and protect them from freezing or other harsh temperatures yet the sunlight is still allowed to reach the plants. Heavy duty clear tarps are also used to cover the outside of greenhouses which acts as a barrier of protection and at the same time holds in moisture for the plants and lets in light. Clear plastic tarps can be used as a fencing material that is portable and light weight to protect plants from debris that might potentially damage them. Also farmers use clear tarps in their poultry houses to provide curtains for the chickens to protect them from extreme heat, cold, and rain.

Other uses for clear plastic tarps would be in construction to protect cement from getting wet. Painters also use tarps to cover their work areas to protect from spills and splatters. Athletic fields are often in need of a cover and the tarp offers protection to the grassy playing field. Clear plastic tarps can be used as canopies and even car or boat covers. A benefit to using a clear tarp is you can see what is under it while protecting what you have covered.

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