A Helicopter Ride: The Gift of a Lifetime

If you are not sure what to give the person in your life that seems to have everything, consider giving them a gift of a lifetime; a helicopter ride. A helicopter ride is a once in a lifetime experience with most people wishing they could enjoy the experience again. This type of gift is sure to knock the socks off of the one person in your life, in which it is difficult to purchase gifts. A helicopter ride in New York City will leave them feeling surprised and amazed that you thought of giving such a wonderful gift.

Keep Your Surprise Under Wraps

The best way to give this type of gift is by surprise. Do not let on that you have booked a helicopter tour to see the most famous landmarks in New York City. When you actually call or go online to book a tour, you will see all of the tour packages and be able to pick the one that fits the situation best. A helicopter gives such a unique view that brings you in closer to monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge. Tours are affordable too, so when you are booking a tour as a gift, consider involving friends and family that would like to experience the surprise too.

The Day of the Helicopter Tour

On the day of the helicopter tour take the recipient out to breakfast or lunch. Go along like it is any other ordinary day. Of course you want to make sure that you are driving that day and that others involved meet at the helicopter tour company so the recipient does not suspect any foul play. When you pull up to the helicopter tour facility, imagine the look of surprise and awe on the face of the recipient. Make sure you take pictures of it to post later too!

A Helicopter Tour: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Once you embark on the helicopter tour, you will be able to enjoy the gift of a lifetime, as well. After all of the surprise, shock and awe wears off, the fun really begins. Touring NYC from a helicopter gives a view that just cannot be duplicated in any other manner. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of the occasion to mark the fun and festivities. Your loved one won’t soon forget your gift of a spectacular tour of the Big Apple.

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