Are Go Karts Specialty Vehicles?

I suppose that, logically, just about any sort of vehicle could be said to be a speciality vehicle. Even a stretch limo is an automobile specially designed to be suitable for driving celebrities around town. An RV has its own speciality and a go kart’s speciality is introducing kids to the world of motor sport (which uses far more powerful Speciality Vehicles). Even those glorified hot rods we see on the reality TV channels under variations of the custom car theme are all specialties in their own way.

Language Often Defies Logic

Forget the examples above, they may all be logical but let’s look more at the field of Speciality Vehicles where a motorised vehicle has been designed and built from scratch to serve a particular working function or has been heavily modified from a production vehicle so as to perform the same function. We are looking at special features that have been incorporated so that its owner can use it for performing those functions.

In this sense, an army battle tank is very much a speciality vehicle. If you want a movie or TV example, think about the Speciality Vehicles that storm chasers use to get close to and study tornadoes.

Working Vehicles

Speciality Vehicles really come into their own when the word “mobile” can be placed in front of a function or service that is usually associated with a static location – i.e. a building. A mobile clinic can be used to provide medical, dental or even veterinarian services to people residing in more remote areas and unable to easily visit a clinical building in town. The operators of the clinic may be charitable or it may simply be that, by investing in Speciality Vehicles like mobile clinics they can reach a wider patient base without having to acquire property in many different locations.

Widening this concept, we can also include vehicles like mobile command centers or emergency response vehicles. The list of things that can be done with Specialty Vehicles is only limited by the imaginations of people wishing to do things without being tied down to a single base.

Where Can You Get Them?

If you consider fire trucks or ambulances to be Speciality Vehicles, then there are factories doing nothing but making them. But, for the more specialized mobile arena, you are unlikely to find one “off the shelf” as it were. You will have an idea of the space that you require inside your vehicle and the equipment that needs to be placed inside it. These may well be unique to your particular activity. Therefore, you will need to go to a firm that specializes in putting such custom packages together in a vehicle.

Mobile Specialty Vehicles, Inc. have over 30 years’experience in putting together all types of specialty vehicles that are fully customized to meet their clients’ needs. Whatever you are looking for, they can provide it. See their website for further details.

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