Choosing Personal Amenities When Renting a Luxury Villa

Tortola is a beautiful part of the British Virgin Islands, and the most populated. With beautiful beaches, bays, and mountains, Tortola offers everything a vacationer could want for a stress-free trip. When staying in a private Tortola villa rental, you can choose the type of service you receive. The villa comes naturally equipped with beautiful views of the beach and mountains, a private pool and pool deck, and comfortable furnishings that will remind you of home. But if you need more services than what is traditionally offered, you do have options.

Cleaning Services

You will receive exceptional maid services mid-week during your stay, but you can choose to hire daily maid service. For some guests, mid-week maid service is enough, but larger parties may require daily cleaning services. With a private Tortola villa rental, you are in charge of your amenities. You can choose to use only the provided cleaning service, or pay for additional cleaning services. Some people prefer daily cleaning services because it’s the type of service received at a hotel. But the goal of private villa rentals is to make you feel at home, which means uninterrupted time to enjoy your villa.

Food Preparation

When you arrive for your stay, you will receive a complimentary light dinner and food for breakfast, and can then shop the next day for food and beverages. However, you can arrange for a private chef who will gladly prepare your meals and ensure you have the foods you want. The staff can also handle the shopping for you so that you don’t have to worry about running errands while on vacation. Many guests enjoy spending extra on a private chef and provision services because it allows them to enjoy their vacation with no responsibility.

Reserving a Tortola villa rental is the perfect way to experience a stress-free holiday. You can choose to upgrade your personal amenities so that you have nothing to worry about but soaking up the sun and enjoying the beach. Even without the upgrades, you should feel so relaxed that you’ll welcome a little bit of routine errands during your trip. For more information, visit

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