Alaska Cruises 101: What you need to Know

Alaska Cruise Vacations have grown in popularity with mind sets changing from the need to seek out warmer climates and instead discover every aspect of this beautiful world. Alaska is wild and untamed offering a rare glimpse into the stunning beauty of the north and the unique landscape of the North Pacific. Here is what you need to know when planning your Alaskan cruise vacation:

  • Time of Year: Because Alaska is a northern destination, many people are uncertain what time of year is best for their cruise. It is actually based on two criteria 1) The actual time of year that cruises are offered and 2) Your preference in weather. The Alaska cruise season runs from May to September with the warmest time being June through August. Although the warmer weather might be your preference, keep in mind that this also a rainier time of year for Alaska. May sees less rain and is also a less busy time of year and there is usually snow on the ground which may be either a bonus or sore point depending on the experience you are seeking. This is a definite consideration if you want to hike. In September there are some added attractions including the Northern Lights and if you are a shopper, there will be an abundance of season ending sales. In September you will also miss out on a trip to Denali Park as it snows in Alaska at this time of year. The closer you are to the summer months the more chance there is of seeing wildlife if this is important to you. This is also the best time to enjoy Alaskan cruise vacation of year if you wish to participate in fishing excursions.
  • Budget: If you are driven by budget, then the most affordable time of year to travel is the months of May and September. This is also a good time to travel to Alaska if you wish to avoid the crowds during the busy summer season from June through August.
  • Popular Ports: On your cruise to Alaska, make sure to book shore excursions at the most popular ports of call. These ports quite often would include Ketchikan featuring popular Creek Street built on pilings; Juneau, the capital of Alaska; Skagway great for history buffs and outstanding scenery and Sitka for interesting Tinglit and Russian history.

Keep these basics in mind when reserving your Alaska cruise and you will be sure to have a wonderful vacation experience.


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