A Birthday Helicopter NYC Tour for the Ultimate Surprise

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Travel

When you say you have a surprise, your friend, family member, or spouse might be expecting a limo or private car for a birthday night out in the city. You’ll want to make sure to bring your camera because the first spectacular view you’ll have is the look on his or her face when a helicopter NYC tour is the surprise you planned. You’ll get to show off the city in style and bypass all of the NYC traffic while seeing the sights like you never have and maybe even the lights of the city that never sleeps at night. It’s a surprise that no one will ever guess!

The Unique Gift of the Best View
When you can’t decide what birthday gift to give or you’re looking for something unique, a helicopter NYC tour can fill that niche and provide an unforgettable experience for a special birthday.

  • A 15, 19, or 25 minute tour of the city can fit into any birthday fun schedule and show off the city’s sights from a bird’s eye view. See the Statue of Liberty from above, the bridges of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the beauty of Central Park and the Hudson River, and even Yankee Stadium, the Wallstreet Financial District, and the Sea, Air and Space Museum.
  • Charter a flight and show up for a birthday surprise in a helicopter, giving your special someone the birthday thrill of a lifetime. Your surprise won’t be hindered by NYC traffic or other tourists, and it can be perfectly executed for maximum effect.
    Use a chartered flight or a tour for just you and your significant other for a romantic birthday surprise to kick off the night before joining the rest of your family and friends for a party.
  • Surprise your loved one with a ride from the airport into Manhattan on a helicopter. After a flight and a walk through the airport (or several), he or she will be ecstatic to have a VIP transport with a spectacular view of the city!

What better way to celebrate another year or a milestone birthday than with a helicopter ride over a beloved city? Whether you choose a tour, an airport transfer, or a chartered flight, you’ll be sure to deliver the ultimate birthday surprise when you show up in a helicopter!

Creating Your Surprise is Easy!
A helicopter NYC tour is easy to arrange and can work with any budget or time schedule. The experienced pilots at New York Helicopter have excellent safety records and are committed to helping you make the best birthday surprise that you can make. Enjoy no hassle service and the pictures that immortalize that look on your loved one’s face when you succeed in your surprise. It’s the ride of their life that won’t ever be forgotten!

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