Handling a Move With Pets After Hiring Professional Movers in Boston

Professional Movers in Boston transport the belongings of customers from one location to another, whether the move is just across town or far across the country. People have a lot to think about and get done while they plan this move and start the process. When these men and women have dogs and cats that will be coming along, they must consider any potential problems and plan accordingly.

Transport in Personal Vehicle

Experts recommend that pet owners treat those animals like very young children during the moving process. Under no circumstances should those pets be transported in the truck brought by professional Movers in Boston. They must be in a personal vehicle, even if the move is just to a neighboring suburb. Movers cannot guarantee the safety of any living thing, and that includes houseplants as well as animals.

Secure Carriers

Cats should be transported in a secure carrier, and dogs that are at risk of running off if a car door is also opened should be in a carrier. A dog’s previous experience with riding in vehicles and its level of obedience must be considered. Most dogs are more obedient and predictable in general than cats are, so not securing the feline pet before opening a car door is risky.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival at the new home, the pets should be kept out of the moving workers’ way. That could mean keeping them in the carrier or in a personal vehicle, or in a room where nobody will be entering until the belongings are all in the home. The pets might begin their new life in the house with a place of their own with their bed, toys, food and water so they have an area of comfort and security. Again, this might be more necessary for cats, but the more timid dogs will appreciate it too.

Workers with a company such as Olympia Moving & Storage will do everything possible to make sure all the belongings of the customers stay safe, but they cannot take responsibility for any pets or even houseplants. Those must travel with the owners. Visit website to learn more about this particular company. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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