Points to Consider for Your International Courier in Bangalore

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Transportation

When considering a new international courier in Bangalore, it is important to find out reasons why you should consider that specific courier. Checking websites is the easiest way to find out about services offered, so that you can do your own comparing. If you are worried about not finding the right one, even with research, you can create your own comparison chart easily using a document with tables or a spreadsheet. Include the companies you want to consider down the page and the points you want to consider at the top of the page. Things to consider can include what items can be carried, pricing, door to door pickup and delivery, speed of delivery, top companies the international courier works with, discount options and insurance.

Anything Shipped

Most international couriers in Bangalore will mention that they ship anything, but you need to pay close attention. Try to find a list of the items they will ship. If it truly includes anything, it will include excess baggage, medication, homemade and prepackaged food and dangerous or hazardous goods.


It is important to consider the price, but it shouldn’t be the only option you consider. Prices will likely vary based on what is shipped. Most websites offer an estimate form or tool so that you can estimate the cost of something, based on the weight or size. However, hazardous goods will cost more to ship, because of their dangerous nature.

Door to Door

Bangalore residents should consider a courier that offers door-to-door pickup and delivery. The international courier should come to your doorstep (business or home) and pick up the items for delivery, and they should also deliver directly to the door. Many postal services will require you to pick up heavy or bulky items at the office or will place items in a mailbox, though you want to ensure your package gets directly to the recipient.

Delivery Speed

International shipments will take longer, so you should take that into consideration when finding out speed. Some couriers offer international and city-wide deliveries, so make sure you note which is which. Most packages will take four to six business days to reach their destination.

Shipping Companies

Because an international courier in Bangalore is not responsible for shipping, they use other well-known companies, such as FedEx, DHL and more. Make sure you have heard of a few of the shipping companies.

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