Preparing To Work As A Driver For Trucking Companies In Iowa

Working for trucking companies in Iowa is a very rewarding career opportunity for people of all ages who enjoy being out on the road and interacting with others. With options from OTR (over the road) long distance hauling to short routes where you can be home every night there is a trucking job to suit anyone interested in the profession.

Today, finding a job working with the best trucking companies in Iowa is not as simple as it once was. It wasn’t too long ago people could start trucking by going on ridealongs, helping out within a trucking company, and gradually working into the position of the driver.

Now, more than ever, education, training, and safe driving are the critical factors trucking companies in Iowa are looking for in new hires. If you are considering trucking as a profession, or even as a second career, there are some things you can begin to do immediately to help get the skills and knowledge you need.

Consider Trucking School

There are many different options to consider in attending trucking schools or CDL training programs. Some offer intensive training programs over several weeks, others offer weekend and evening training, and some are even offered through community colleges.

You may be eligible for financial aid, and you do not have to choose to go to a trucking school sponsored by a trucking company. This gives you the freedom to apply to trucking companies in Iowa after graduation and not be restricted to just one company for the term of the contract you signed.

Clean Driving Record

Your driving record, including your personal driving record, is critical for any trucking companies in Iowa to review. They are looking for safe drivers not only because you will be behind the wheel of their vehicle, but also because safe driver mean lower overall insurance rates.

If you are considering a career in trucking the company will have a maximum number of even minor infractions they will allow on your record. In most situations any speeding, especially multiple tickets, will rule out your possibility of working for trucking companies in Iowa. However, these only typically go back three years, so you can focus on following all rules of the road and changing your driving habits for the better.

It is also a good idea to talk to recruiters from the different trucking companies in Iowa in advance of seeking a job. This can provide you with invaluable information about the factors the specific companies you want to work for are focusing on with their hiring process.

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