Searching for Freight Forwarders Companies You Can Trust?

Are you shipping merchandise to one or more locations across the globe? If so, you need the services of a knowledgeable non-vessel operating common carrier. From full container load import, to freight forwarding export, there are a number of helpful solutions available to you through freight companies. Hawaii professionals at Landmark Logistics Corporation possess the experience, connections, and dedication to get the job done right. An adept team will work with you from start to finish – from shipping consulting to delivery – to ensure your cargo reaches its destination.

Client-Focused Solutions
Regardless of whether you need international importing or exporting services, your needs are likely unique from other customers’. Experienced logistics companies understand the importance of formulating practical solutions for clients, no matter the size or intricacy of their operations. Reliable organizations work through a broad web of offices and specialists located across the globe – ensuring clients’ goals are achieved in a timely and organized manner. From personalized shipping and door-to-door delivery, to AES/SED filings and freight forwarding, reliable companies go the extra mile to coordinate a-grade import/export services.

Continuous Improvement
Choosing experienced
freight forwarders companies in Hawaii also lowers the risks associated with international import/export services. It’s a smart idea to look for licensed, certified specialists who have experience working with clients in a variety of industries, such as consumer goods, chemical, manufacturing, and food processing. They’ll use their expertise to deliver prompt, meticulous solutions, based on the demands of your company and industry. In addition, reputable companies are always mastering new shipping solutions – ensuring the latest technologies are applied to every client.

Impeccable Customer Service
It’s probably safe to assume that you want more from a company than cut-and-dried shipping services. Truly dedicated logistics professionals go above and beyond to not only import/export merchandise, but also to keep their clients informed. Excellent customer service is a must in just about any industry – shipping and logistics included. Our experts know what it takes to exceed clients’ expectations and resolve issues quickly. You can expect a full range of useful services, including track and trace, surveys, speedy response, and reasonable rates. While your merchandise is in transit, you’ll never be without answers or support.

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