Signs Your Boat Needs to Be Serviced

Cruising down the river in your boat is fun. This is especially true when you’re spending time with your family on a sunny day.

While owning a boat can provide hours of enjoyment, boat ownership is a big responsibility. To keep your boat in top condition, you must schedule a boat service Buford GA.

If your boat hasn’t been serviced in a while, you may be wondering if it needs a boat service Buford GA. Here are a few signs your boat needs to be serviced.

Your boat isn’t starting.
There are plenty of reasons your boat won’t start. This includes fuel line problems, rotor issues, a faulty ignition, filter problems, no fuel or a dead battery

You’re having problems steering your boat.
Boat steering problems could be an indication that your boat is experiencing major problems. Whether your boat won’t steer at all or the steering wheel is stuck in one position, you shouldn’t take any chances.

Your boat’s engine is overheating.
While you’re operating your boat, you should monitor its thermostat. If you notice that your boat’s temperature is rising to abnormal levels, you should take it back to the dock immediately. Your boat’s overheating engine could be caused by a broken hose, corrosion, a broken drive belt or a faulty engine.

Your boat’s engine is losing power.
To navigate through deep water, boats require ample engine power. You can tell that your boat’s engine is losing power if it slows down when it should be accelerating. Although an engine repair service can be costly, it’s important to have your boat checked out immediately.

Need boat service Buford GA? Schedule an appointment with Gainesville Marina. At our Marina, we provide a variety of boat services including lub service, seasonal service, repairs and miscellaneous services.

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