The Only Way to Travel: By Escalade Limousine in Houston TX

What could be more luxurious than arriving at your party in a limousine driven by a professional uniformed chauffeur? Arriving in an Escalade limousine. Driving in an Escalade limousine around Houston TX makes sure you not only arrive in style, but that you travel in style, too. An Escalade limo stands out from the crowd and makes you so comfortable, you never want your journey to end.

Cadillac Escalade Limos

With the capacity to seat up to 14 of your best partiers, you can be sure of starting the night off right with a drive in an Escalade around Houston TX. The leather interior is Bentley-stitched for the ultimate touch of class, and tinted windows give you and your friends privacy, and an air of mystique to outsiders trying to catch a glimpse. USB and Bluetooth connections mean that you only listen to what you want, and with color-changing fiber-optic lighting systems, you can host your own private party as you coast through the streets of Houston. There’s an impressive four T.V. monitors throughout the interior, as well as a built-in cooler to keep your champagne at the perfect temperature.

Cadillac Escalade SUV

The SUV version of the Escalade seats six people comfortably but is no less luxurious than its more elongated cousin. You can expect the same comfort of real leather seating, as well as headrest monitors equipped with DVD players. Combine this special feature with enough space for four large bags and four smaller ones, and you have the perfect vehicle for longer journeys. If you’re traveling with a family and children, the rear air conditioning and audio controls can prove extremely effective in making your trip a stress-free one. If you’re looking for professional transportation for a business trip, the Escalade SUV adds a little indulgence to corporate travel, making your journey to the office or important meeting so enjoyable, you can easily forget where you’re going. Visit Genesis Corporate Transportation for more information.

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