Three Great Tips for Handling an Interstate Move From or To Boston, MA

Moving from state to state is like moving within the same state in many ways, but it’s extremely different in other key ways. If you’re planning on working with an interstate moving company in Boston MA, it would be helpful for you to get up to speed on the unique challenges and issues that accompany interstate moves. Doing so can help make your interstate move as simple as possible.

Know the Delivery Spread
When you’re moving from one part of town to another, your moving company can probably get to your new residence before you do. With an interstate move, your delivery window, also known as the spread, can be anywhere from one day to two weeks long. This is important information to be aware of if you’re planning on arriving at your new destination and settling in before the moving truck gets there. Pack accordingly to accommodate longer spreads. Contact us if you’d like more info regarding possible spread times for your move.

Figure Out a Plan for Your Car
If you’re planning on bringing your car with you to your new state, you need to figure out how to get the car there. Figure out if you or someone else close to you will drive it there or if you’re going to need to have it professionally shipped.

Pack an Emergency Bag
Pack an emergency bag that has all of your key information and documents tucked safely away inside. You don’t want to have important docs locked away on the moving truck in case you need them before the moving truck arrives at your new home.

An interstate move can be pretty trying, but the right interstate moving company in Boston MA can help make things much easier for you. Contact us through our website or via phone for more information.

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