Tips for Keeping Track of Business Travel Compensation

There are many reasons staff may require compensation for work related travel. There are also many ways staff can be compensated. Here are a few of the most common ways staff can claim travel time.

GPS Technology
If an employee is paid by the hour they will have to record the hours worked as well as their mileage. Some offices request staff record their mileage when they leave and when they return. This is not necessary as much of the recorded time is based on trust. Modern options include GPS technology that can track mileage as well as keep track of where employees are traveling. This can be helpful in ensuring staff are not taking advantage and works well for fleets. It may be harder to enforce if employees are using their own cars.

Gas Money
With rising gas prices many companies forget to adjust for gas when paying mileage. Most companies have a general amount of money they pay employees per mile traveled and use this to compensate for gas and wear and tear on their own vehicles. Keep in mind the average price of gas and make adjustments to ensure you are compensating your employees fairly.

Employees who are renting a car can easily put in a request for compensation for the rental, insurance and gas. It can be difficult to ascertain if an employee has used the car for personal use in these cases, however the car is usually rented for a specific purpose and returned when the task is completed.

Transit Programs
This is a completely different situation. This allows your company to have access to discounted transportation services they can then pass onto their employees. It is not work related, but instead focuses on assisting staff get to and from work everyday. It provides them an alternative to driving in to work everyday, as well as a more affordable option than paying full price for their own public transit passes. It is a tax free way to ride to work and it is reliable, working well for both staff and employers who will see a reduction in lateness and even absenteeism.

Dart can offer you information on business travel compensation programs for your business. You can either visit them online at or call them at (214) 979-1111 for further assistance.


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