When to Use Air Conditioned Storage Units in Collier County, FL

It isn’t unusual for people to need short-term (or even long-term) storage for some of their belongings. However, before you place belongings in storage, you need to make sure that the conditions of the storage unit will keep the belongings safe and in good condition. In some cases, this means using air conditioned storage units in Collier County FL.

When Items Will Be in Storage for a Long Time

With some items you might want to store, being exposed to higher temperatures for a short time isn’t likely to cause them any damage. However, many items can be damaged by high temperatures when stored for a long time, especially if the storage unit doesn’t have any controls for humidity. The combination of heat and humidity often does the most damage.

When Items Will Be Stored During the Hottest Time of Year

Even if Florida, some times of year are cooler than others. If you’re storing something that isn’t very sensitive to temperature during the cooler time of the year, you may be able to avoid using air conditioned storage units in Collier County FL. This is especially true if you’re only storing the belongings for a short time and the weather forecast predicts relatively cool temperatures.

When Items Are Very Temperature Sensitive

Some items become damaged with even a relatively short exposure to high temperatures and should always be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. Examples include electronics and electronic media, many collectibles, wine, photos, musical instruments, artwork, and antiques.

When Items Are Particularly Valuable

For added peace of mind, it may be best to store anything valuable in a climate-controlled unit that limits humidity as well as high temperatures. This will keep things from smelly musty or getting moldy. These units also tend to be sealed better to limit dust, bugs, or rodents from entering the unit. Make sure to ask what features the storage unit has and that it will be a suitable temperature for what you plan to store inside.

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