4 Fast Ways to Book Cabs in Minneapolis

Whether you are visiting the Twin Cities or just rely on cabs for everyday transportation in the area, you now have four efficient ways to order a ride. iHail Taxi Services provides a range of fast options for booking, Cabs in Minneapolis including:

  • IHAIL WEB: You can create an online account with iHail.com, and then book taxi service from your tablet or computer. Once you have registered with the site, all you have to do is log in each time you need transportation, and then manage your preferences. The site allows you to create future bookings, change notification settings, and cancel orders for Cabs in Minneapolis.


  • CABTXT: The service also allows you to order cabs by sending a text message on your phone. The iHail.com website allows you to complete a form, and list any favorite locations for cab service. You can nickname them (“Home”, “School”, etc.) and then send the nickname to the text-ordering number, and your service will be booked. There is even a feature that allows you to text “where” to check the status of your booking, or “cancel”, when it is no longer needed. An online booking app can also be downloaded to your phone.
  • CABCALL: The company still offers you the customary option to call for cab service. An automated system will read your phone number, and search for your address. If it locates your information, a computer will read your address back, and then ask you what type of booking you want. You can use phone service to create favourites, and give each one a nickname, making it simpler to book via phone.
  • BUSINESS CLASS: If you need efficient cab service for business reasons, you can customize the Internet, text, or call options for faster service. Business customers can use a Live Tracking Service, which tells them where all bookings are. Customers will get a VIP number to call, for exceptionally fast service. Corporate customers can also set up an online account, and charge services to a business account.

When you are in the Twin Cities area and need fast transportation, the options provided by iHail.com will solve your problems. The service allows you to order a cab via text, by using an app on your smart phone, via the Internet, or by calling. You can arrange individual or business services.

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