Be on the Lookout for Less than Reputable Full Service Moving Companies in St. Paul

When people are moving from the city of St. Paul, there are more than a few nightmare stories about people connecting with the wrong moving service. Sometimes their possessions are held for ransom because of surprise charges. In other cases, people are subject to moving services that are far from prompt. Unfortunately, these are just only a few of the many problems that people have had with moving services. That’s why if you’re searching for Full Service Moving Companies in St. Paul, you’ll want to spot suspect companies long before you decide to hire them and put yourself in a real life living nightmare.

There are many warning signs that you may be choosing a bad moving company. One of the first red flags is any company that requires you to pay a cash deposit before they began work on packing or unloading your household possessions. Reputable Full Service Moving Companies in St. Paul don’t hold your possessions ransom until a cash payment is made. Typically, when you sign a bid to have them move your possessions, the terms of payment are clearly spelled out and seldom do they require an upfront cash deposit in order for them to start work.

Other things you can do is check for a physical address. If you’ve spotted a company through the phone book or online, you’ll want to make sure that they have a physical address rather than a PO Box. In addition, check for insurance and licensing. This will help protect you financially as well as protecting your possessions that are in the care of a moving service. Lastly check to see if they are members of certain organizations. For example, are they affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and do they have memberships in certain national moving and storage governing organizations.

One of the great things is a company like Action Moving Services Inc. is they will be able to offer you quality moving services in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. They also have an impeccable reputation for quality moving as well as premier customer service. With competitive prices, up-to-date licensing and insurance, there are few St. Paul moving companies offering more than Action Moving does.

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