Customized Packing Services in San Antonio for Moving Unique Items

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Moving & Relocating, Transportation and Logistics

As you start to pack for a move, you immediately realize that not everything will fit into the square or rectangular moving boxes. Some items that will fit into those boxes just can’t be protected by the cardboard, packing peanuts, or tissue paper. While you may not worry about most of your things during a transition, there are certain items that you want to make sure stay protected. In those situations, it is time to consider customized Packing Services in San Antonio.

Motorcycles and Other Small Vehicles

It is impossible to pack something like a motorcycle in a traditional moving box. The other problem is that if you are planning on going a long distance, you can’t afford to leave it unprotected. In these situations, it makes sense to have a customized crate made to protect the bike during transport. That way, should something fall or bump into the bike, it is protected from damage.

Valuable Items

There are some items that are irreplaceable. There are also items that are expensive and need to have the best protection possible when moved from one place to the next. you may not be able to afford to replace a beautiful painting as you move it to a new house. A customized crate will be just the right shape and size and make sure that something like your painting arrives in pristine condition.


Equipment tends to be very fragile. One wrong bump as it is being put into a moving truck and you could end up dealing with costly repairs. Instead, of attempting to move it without any protection, places like Crate Master San Antonio residents trust, can package the item and ensure that it is protected during transport. This is important for commercial as well as residential moving. Antique furniture is another great example of an item that could benefit from being crated during a move.

Customized Packing Services in San Antonio work to protect the things that you value most as you transition them to a new location. Instead of depending on traditional methods for wrapping and boxing them, you can trust that a strong, durable crate surrounds them, protecting them from anything else they may come into contact with along the way.

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