Questions To Ask Before Putting Your Belongings In Storage In Akron

If you live in Akron or if you are moving into or out of the area you may find a need to place your items temporarily in storage. You may also find you need long term storage in Akron if you are moving to a smaller residence, are completing a major home upgrade or renovation or simply have a lot of extra furniture, boxes, and possessions.

Instead of cluttering up a home or constantly having to move items from room to room during renovations, booking storage in Akron frees up your space. It is also the perfect option if you find your closing date for the sale of your home and the possession date for the new home aren’t syncing up the way anticipated.

What to Consider

The most important factor for selecting storage in Akron should be the safety and security of all items stored. This may include personal documents and records or valuable items. Sometimes it will include items with a low monetary price but a very high sentimental value.

Ask specifically about the security provided with the storage in Akron. The top facilities will provide state of the art security alarm systems to detect any unauthorized attempts to enter the building.

Closed circuit camera surveillance is another important feature to look for in any short or long term storage facility. These cameras should be monitored to allow immediate checks on anyone in the facility.

Size of the Facility

Larger well-maintained and managed facilities are a great choice for any short or long term storage in Akron. There are some facilities used for dedicated storage for specific moving companies, offering a highly organized, secure and professionally operated option.

Different facilities offering storage in Akron may be up to 80,000 square feet and can provide hundreds of storage vaults all designed to be secure and built to hold the contents of an efficiency sized apartment. For larger storage requirements, additional vaults can be used to store all items safely.

Moving companies offering short or long term storage in Akron will also be able to provide full moving services to pack, move and transport your items into secure storage. They will carefully pack the storage vault and wrap all items for safe, damage free storage for as long as necessary.

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