Do It Yourself vs. Professional Local Moving Services

Professional local moving services may be the better option for your local move. A lot of people take the do it yourself route when it comes to moving locally, they figure that they will save some money by taking care of the packing and moving on their own. You will likely save some actually cash when you opt for the do it yourself route but you will lose in other arenas by doing it on your own that may actually cost you more in the long run. A little comparison can go a long way. The three main areas that you should be considering BEFORE you make up your mind are:

1. Actual costs
2. Efficiency
3. Safety

Actual Costs

There are costs than there are ACTUAL costs. The two ideas are similar but yet they are different. Most people consider costs as something that is tangible like in the amount of money that they have to pay out but there is an intangible element that you have to consider when you are considering costs.

Actual Costs



Truck Rental



Additional labor






Potential damages



It may seem like renting a truck and going it alone is more of a cost effective option, until you start to understand that there are other “costs” of a DIY move that would be covered with a professional moving company that you would have to come out of pocket with. The savings is actually minimal.


How much time would it take for you and a hired hand or two to clear out your home? Maybe a couple of days? It would take a professional company hours because they are highly skilled in the fine art of moving. They know how to get things cleared out efficiently. The time element is also a “cost” factor of a DIY moving job.


Above all else there is a safety element that comes into play when you are making the move on your own. What if you hurt yourself? Can you afford to be out of work while you are on the mend? If you damage any of your goods that’s it you are not covered so you can either live with the damaged goods or you can buy them new (another potential cost factor). Do you really want to risk your safety by trying to move things that you are not trained to move?

Call a professional it is the better choice!

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