How Inventory Control Software Can Benefit Your E-commerce Business

Struggling to keep your online inventory counts accurate? Are errors in your counts creating problems for your customers, or making it necessary to expedite shipping to Miami from suppliers to avoid out of stocks? Inventory control software can deliver some very crucial benefits, allowing you to run a leaner, more profitable e-commerce company. What should you know?


We’ll start with what is probably the most obvious benefit of inventory software – improved accuracy. It’s difficult to keep accurate inventory counts with an e-commerce business, particularly if you sell across multiple platforms and use a 3PL warehouse rather than storing product yourself. Inventory software helps you keep tabs on what’s been ordered, what’s in each warehouse you use, what’s in route from your supplier and more.

That accuracy improvement helps you achieve even more benefits. For one, your customers will appreciate not having to deal with out of stock items and ensures that you get the money for that purchase, rather than forcing the customer to go to a competitor. Second, it allows you to avoid costly penalties from retail platforms for overselling items.

Reduced Costs and Storage Space

The right inventory software not only allows you to enjoy better accuracy, but it can enable you to cut down on your costs, as well as the storage space that you need. By maintaining accurate counts, you will always know exactly what you have and where it’s located. You can also make informed predictions about consumer buying patterns and habits, allowing you to order just in time for events and seasonal fluctuations. That helps you cut down on the amount of storage space necessary.


If there’s one thing that e-commerce business owners can benefit from, it’s more automation on the admin side of things. The fewer tasks you must handle manually, the more time you have to focus on things that matter the most. With the right inventory control software, you can automate ordering and reordering. That not only ensures that you do not have to place orders manually, but it can also help avoid duplicate orders, overstocked items and other problems that cost you money and time.

At SunShip Fulfillment Center, we specialize in working with e-commerce companies who need additional advantages in inventory control, warehousing, Amazon Fulfillment, and more. We deliver an end-to-end solution customizable to any needs.

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