Planning a Business Ski Trip to Colorado

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Travel & Tourism logo Winter is a time when most people fight the blues as cold weather sets in and everyone has to wait for spring’s arrival to get outside for some adventure. This can cause some low morale in the workplace, but there are ways to remedy it. One great way is to plan a business ski trip to Colorado. Whether you want to take the main bosses or a whole department, it’s easy to book group ski packages in Colorado that focus on fun and business.

Work with a Company that Can Plan Everything

You have your own business to worry about. Let a company that specializes in group ski packages Colorado handle the travel arrangements. Everything from the flights to the lodging to the food can be handled before you ever arrive at your destination. Ski travel companies form professional relationships with local ski resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It’s much easier for the travel company to get you the reservations you need and the meeting spaces you want. If you want one day of skiing, one day of snowboarding, and two days of business meetings at local dining establishments, it can all be set up for you.

Send Out a Memo to Employees

Let your employees know about the trip, including what to bring, which costs are covered and which aren’t, and the details of any business being handled while on the slopes. Since most group ski packages in Colorado are reserved online, you can even give employees the necessary login information for checking on flights, looking at local restaurant menus, or researching the local area. There are usually shuttle busses running from the ski lodges to the town, so if you have employees who don’t want to ski they can still enjoy themselves by taking the shuttle into town.

Don’t worry if your employees don’t own the necessary ski equipment. Ski resorts have all of the needed equipment for rent, and the ski professionals will even fit everyone properly to insure safety while on the slopes. This trip may not only build company morale, but it allows everyone to better connect while still conducting business. With the reservation of a local meeting room, your employees will love conducting a bit of business in the morning and spending the afternoon getting an adrenaline rush in the snow.

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