What’s the Fun in Traveling by Charter Bus?

The best way to enjoy a group trip is to use a charter bus for your party. Planes, trains and individual cars cost more and are less convenient than bus transport. Your overall costs would go down considerably if you charter bus transport large enough to carry the whole group. Most rental buses offer the best luxury transit with on board video screenings and popular music. Some tour companies offer a full services tour on your charter bus with food, beverages and additional services. Your tour company can help you plan a casino tour or trip to famous tourist destinations and national monuments. If you are going out of state in a large party, the best way to ensure safe, comfortable travel is by air conditioned coach. The luxury coaches are equipped to give you a comfortable ride and no problems with traffic, parking and confusion navigating a new city.

Using a motor coach for your excursion allows you to relax and build a rapport with your co-passengers that makes the trip all the more exciting and interesting. Coach transport has a planned itinerary that makes the trip more organized with designated stops for food, shopping or planned activities.

When chartering a bus, you should ensure that the company has made all provisions for the security of the passengers and has policies regarding break down and emergencies. Make some enquiries about the cancellation policy etc. The motor coach company usually allows the passengers the consumption of alcohol on board the bus, but most companies would require the passengers to pay a refundable deposit of $150-$250 to pay as a damage deposit. Tobacco products are usually not permitted on board as smoking is not encouraged by US coach companies.

For guided tours you may have an escort or tour guide to show you the city or sights. Interaction with the tour guide or escort is encouraged but it is advised that the passengers should not interfere with the duties of the guide or escort. The passengers are advised to be responsible for their personal belongings as the company would not take any responsibility for lost possessions after the tour is complete. Charter bus companies will not permit smoking, use of illegal substances and dangerous activities on board. In case you are planning an overnight stay, the chartering party would be expected to pay for board and accommodations for the driver in the charter bus. Pittsburgh residents can avail of the many motor coach companies in the area that provide transport to destinations both in state and out state.

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