Mistakes that you don’t want to make when choosing a mover

For most people, moving is something that they may only do two or three times in their life. It is easy to understand that mistakes can be made, however, making mistakes when moving can be far more than simply an annoyance; they can be costly. There are a few things that you simply must avoid.

Never accept a quotation over the phone: It is simply not possible for any representative to give you an accurate cost of moving your possessions sight-unseen. Insist that a rep come to your home and see exactly what it is that needs to be moved.

You must contact several companies: The only way you will be in a position to determine if you are being offered a fair price is to ask for estimates from several movers in Phoenix.

Do not make your choice on price alone: The cost to move you from one place to another is very much the same. If a company proposes a price 30 or 40 percent below all others you can almost expect that there will be extra charges along the way. The best movers are those that have proven themselves over the years to be reliable, quality oriented and detailed.

Never choose an unlicensed mover: Moving companies need to be licensed and insured. Moves within your stare regulated by the state government. If you are moving to a different state the move is governed by the federal government. Always insist on seeing the company’s license to operate and insurance cover.

You must get a binding estimate: You must have a binding estimate, one that details the services you are paying for. Remember though; if you add something after you have agreed to the contract the binding estimate is voided.

You must divulge everything to the moving company. If your new home is located on the fourth floor of an apartment, make sure the company knows this in advance. There are really no obstacles that the best movers in Phoenix can’t work around but it is only fair to both them and you that everything is divulged up front.

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