Moving on a budget

When you are moving, whether locally or long distance, there are things that are simply unavoidable. Saying this, there are still a number of ways to keep the costs in check; they require advance planning and rethinking certain presumptions about your options.

Professional movers vs. DIY
This is the one area that you don’t want to scrimp on. Sure, moving yourself will save you money but there are ample reasons for relying on professionals:

*Speed: Pros know what they are doing, they know intuitively how to load the truck so there will be no damage and they do it quickly. Friends mean well, but the move will take a lot longer and chances are there will be breakage and damage.

*They come in their own truck: It makes no difference where you are moving to or how big your load is, professional movers in savannah GA show up with the right size truck. If your move is local this means one well organized trip rather than running back and forth with a truck that is really too small.

*They are careful: Professionals know how to protect your possessions while they are on the truck; they also know how to handle objects that are awkward. Professionals don’t break as many things as amateurs.

How to really save:
Perhaps the greatest way for you to save money is to do your own packing. Give yourself plenty of time, start slowly about two months before moving day. Take one room at a time, pack everything that you want to take and at the same time, set aside those things that you don’t want to take. These are all candidates for a garage sale or perhaps you have a favorite charity that you would like to support.

Doing your own packing will save you a considerable amount of money and ridding your home of unwanted things saves even more; remember, moving costs are based on weight and volume, the less you have the less the cost.

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