Preparing and planning for a move

If you are going to be moving, the first thing to decide is how much of the task you can comfortably handle and how much will be left to professional movers. If the move is company related then the movers can do all the work, if you are paying for the move yourself, packing is usually something the homeowners opt to do themselves.

Before you make any rash decisions it is always a good idea to contact several moving companies in Maryland and ask for estimates based on different levels of service.

There are numerous steps that must be taken to ensure a smooth, orderly move:
De-junk: The majority of people hate to dispose of anything. Those who have lived in the same home for a number of years will invariably have a garage, basement and closets full of things they simply no longer need. Now is the time to turn it into cash, arrange a garage sale and donate what is left to Goodwill.

Hire the best moving company:
Don’t wait until the last minute to begin interviewing moving companies in Baltimore MD. Even though you have decided to do the packing you will still need to move it. Unfortunately there are unlicensed rogues in the moving business, these people will low ball there offer and then demand more at the other end; stay well away from any company that is not licensed. There are a number of questions that you should ask:

*The number of years the company has been in the moving business
*Is the quotation binding or non-binding? A non-binding quotation can change somewhat as it is based on actual weight and distance.
*Are the crew employees or temporary workers?
*A timetable for loading, making the move and unloading

Once you have decided who will do what there is no reason to believe that the move will not go off without a hitch; the key is preparation, planning and hiring the best moving company that suits your expectations.

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